Work Experience – Week One


Today was my second day of work experience at Harrogate Theatre, and I was working with the production team all day seeing how all lights are set up for each performance and it all looked very technical. The show that we were setting up for was The Importance of Being Earnest and there was already a set up of a house which looked really good.

In the morning I helped to focus the lights, I never knew there were so many lights and controls to work them for just one performance, and how each one had to be focused in exactly the right places. In the afternoon I saw how each lighting cue was programmed and recorded so on the night all you have to do is press a button for the whole lighting cue to come up, it took about half an hour to do 14 lighting cues and I was told that during larger performances such as the pantomime there was up to two hundred lighting cues and it takes days to programme them all!

The last thing I did in the day was learn how to do a tour of the whole theatre which was interesting as the theatre is really historic and traditional.


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