Work Experience – Week Two

Monday (Holly)

I had a really fun day today. I helped out backstage, with the lights, picking up the extra gels from the floor and putting them into the gel room ready to be used again.

After that which seemed to take a long time, we had to try and attempt to get the massive plant from the back of the stage, through the hidden doors. Not easy! We had to tip it on its side a few times then flip it over and start the whole process again!

Once we had done most of the work, we had a tea break. John and David kept asking me questions about what I had done at school, things like what I do up at the lighting decks in Drama etc. After the tea break we did some other small jobs and Maurice showed me all the different types of lights there are behind stage. We collected two of the UV lamps, and went up into the different box rooms to hang them up.

Lunch time! I sat on the floor behind the stage while everyone else had their lunch in the Auditorium. After lunch we had to sit at the back near the lighting and sound desk, and listened in on goodness knows how many different lighting cues there were!

I think I counted about 45 by the time the day was nearly over, and there were about 500 something to do all together! John told me that it took them sometimes 3 days to a week just to put all the cues in! After a while of moving about the stage to check for the different facial lights to make sure they were in the right place, David took us up to the very top of the stage to show us all the different bars and the lights that go on it. He told me to try and lift one of the bars without anything on it. It was pretty heavy for what it was, but when I tried to lift one of the bars that had all the lights on it, my feet were off the floor pulling on the rope and I still couldn’t lift it!

Nevertheless, I had a really fun day, and met some amazing people. I think I’ve also learned some new skills too!

Monday (Chelsea)

Today was my first day on work experience at Harrogate Theatre; the first thing that I did today was I had an introduction around the theatre which means I was taken on a tour around the theatre. After that Hannah gave me a list of props I was meant to find for an upcoming show, after I found as many as these things as I could, I had some lunch which lasted about an hour. After that I was taken to productions were I was shown the different lightning that is used in the show Little Shop of Horrors. This was my first day on work experience at Harrogate Theatre I’ve really enjoyed it.


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