Work Experience – Week Two

Tuesday (Holly)

Interesting day again, I had a morning that was longer than expected, doing a massive job for Rob. He was very kind to me, and told me exactly what to do, and explained the task well so I understood perfectly.

I had to put an address sticker on the front of an envelope, one on the back of a return address, and 2 stamps on the front. I got so carried away I got through abut 150 envelopes and didn’t realise! He gave me another job that involved folding a letter in 2 and putting a leaflet of the play “Wuthering Heights” into it, and placing all of that into an envelope and sealing it.

I got lots of those done. I think Rob might have been a bit overwhelmed!!!

That took me to lunchtime.

After lunch I was on the computer typing up schools, and their information on plays and their different performances for the Junior Drama Festival programme.

It was all an interesting day. I’m definitely looking forward to tomorrow for the big play!

Tuesday (Chelsea)

Today I did some marketing with Kevin this involved typing up a thing called programme information, I got a sheet with the name of a pantomime, who produced and directed it and I had to type it up in Word. Then at 2:00 I went to lunch after lunch I did packing which means I got a letter and a leaflet for the upcoming show Wuthering Heights and put the letter inside the leaflet then put them both in a envelope and sealed the envelope.


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