Work Experience – Week Two

Wednesday (Holly)

The day of the main show! I’m very excited. I started work later than usual, about 4pm and started work in the box office. I was too scared to answer the phone, so was set up to do more of the computer work, and up fronting tickets by card and cash. I got the hang of it in the end I think.

When everyone was getting ready for the performance, David asked me of I wanted to do the smoke cues on Act 2. I was so excited! During Act 1 I was behind the tech desk listening into all the lighting cues and character roles.

Act 2 finally came on, and I snuggled myself behind the set making sure I wasn’t in the way of anyone. David told me when my first cue was, and the smoke machine was so much fun! I think I might have gone slightly over the top. The second cue was about page 97. I had to put more smoke on the stage than before, but make sure I didn’t choke anyone to death! It was a really good show; I think it went really well! Everyone did so well.


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