Week Experience – Week Two

Friday (Holly)

Today I started work in the Marketing, although I came into work an hour earlier than usual. I started in Marketing, with stuffing envelopes again, and then Hannah took me up to the top wardrobe to search for some props needed in the upcoming show. I found most of them, but Hannah gave me some money to go and buy the things that were missing.

After that was lunch. 2 portions of sushi and a packet of parsnip crisps… *yummy*

After that, more stuffing of envelopes and after that was my evaluation!

Everyone was happy with the work I did.

I will miss everyone so much, everyone has been so helpful and friendly. I hope to possibly come back for a job when I’m old enough!

Friday (Chelsea)

Today I came in and the first thing I did was packing which is putting leaflets about the show Blithe Sprit in to an information letter then putting that information letter  with the leaflet inside into a folder then sealing the envelope. I did this all morning then after lunch I was with Hannah typing Basil Brush letters to send out to the Youth Theatre members aged 12 and under.

 Over the past week I’ve been in production, box office, Marketing and packing. My favourite has been in production as I’m working towards becoming an successful actress, I also very much enjoyed my night shift as an usher for the show. I especially enjoyed the fact that after all the ushering was done I  got to sit and enjoy the show Little Shop of Horrors for FREE.


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