Work Experience – Week Two

Thursday (Holly)

I helped Rob out in the marketing room today, doing the amazing job of stuffing envelopes again. We had fun though and got a lot of work done.

After lunch I went to help Maurice in the small studio at the top of the building. He had to do all the lighting for the performance of the smaller children. I had to help him find some of the gel colours to go into the lamps, and then had to walk around the stage for a bit, while he got the right facial lights. After that David came in, and we helped him move some of the parts of the stage out of the “50p” and into a small room in the back. David called it ‘a kitchen that is no longer a kitchen’, because we had no other name for it.

We had to fix some of the stage together as well. Maurice had to use a joint and put two pieces of black board together, and then screw it into place.

End of a long day.

Thursday (Chelsea)

Today I was in the box-office all morning and in the afternoon I was in the production department helping Maurice set up one of the upcoming show sets.


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