Work Experience – Week Three

Monday (Hugh)

Well, first day of work experience at Harrogate Theatre and I’m thoroughly enjoying it. Started with a full tour, so I know where everything is and how each department works together. I have a basic understanding of what each department does and what they are responsible for.

I then spent a few hours in marketing. I got to do a fair amount more than I expected. Usually on work experience you stuff envelopes or make cups of tea, whereas I was required to make a database of school connections, including the name and email address of each school. It was just to make it easier to find schools that the theatre is required to come in contact with, but I felt I did quite well. I got 183 schools on the database in two hours, far beating the one-a-minute target average I had set myself at the beginning. It was a good feeling to be working at a professional level.

After an hours break, 1:00-2:00, I was placed in the education department. Wind in the Willows is the current big project for Harrogate Youth Theatre, so I read the script for that and wrote up a synopsis of the play. As a script, it is written very well. I’ve loved the story of Wind in the Willows since a young age, so I enjoyed this.

Overall, my first day at Harrogate Theatre has been a lot of fun, and I’ve learnt a lot about how a theatre works offstage.

Monday (India)

I’m India, and I have just started work experience at the Harrogate Theatre today. I have been here a few times before watching shows and being in shows. I wanted to experience this job because I am interested to know what goes on around the theatre and what jobs there are to do in the theatre.

First of all, my first day started with an introduction which was a tour around the theatre. It is a lot bigger than I expected, because there were lots of small stairways and many rooms for different things to store which I did not know about. Hannah showed us the prop rooms, dressing rooms, above the stage, the staging area, the lighting room, the technology used for sound and lighting and many other places. She also taught us a bit of history about the theatre which I didn’t know about. She introduced us to the staff and told us what they do for the theatre.

Afterwards, I stayed with Hannah to do education. She gave me a copy of ‘Wind in the Willows’, but it was written in script. I had to read the script and write a synopsis about it, write a character profile, draw a picture of ‘Toads’ clothing and to design a sign for a production happening in the Valley Gardens. I only read through the first part and wrote a character theory and synopsis on it. So I did not finish all of the work that I was given. But, I have more time to finish it on Friday.

Then, it was my lunch break; I met my friend who is working opposite me, which is good. When I came back, I did marketing. Which I had to write primary school names and their e-mails in excel which I finished, so then I did another sheet but with high school names and e-mails, which I also finished.

I have enjoyed my day because I have met a few new people who are very nice and know a bit more about the theatre that I did not know and what goes on. I am more confident.


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