Work Experience – Week Three

Tuesday (Hugh)

For the second day work experience I was allocated to the production department. We helped an amateur theatre company set up set and lighting. By the time I had got there at 10:00 all the set had been brought in from the vans and was just being put together. David handed me an electric screwdriver. I was once again surprised at how much I was allowed to really help out. I was expecting to have a day of just shadowing him and watching how he does things, but I got to construct the set, arrange the set, help with lights, go up to the flies, all sorts. Today I have learnt a lot about how set is stored and moved around. How the flies work, how features like trap doors and follow spots are operated.

We did this pretty much all day, and I enjoyed it. Miles better than working in M&S.

Tuesday (India)

Today Hugh and I have been working with production all day. First of all, we went through the scene changes in the performance. I learnt many different things; how it took a long time, and strength to do this, the different types of hinges, words of materials used and technology used– brackets, and other. We helped put up and take down the settings for the play that is beginning on Thursday. I also met some more and new people who were very friendly. David (who had us for the day) did not know that he was taking us, so he didn’t have anything planned, though he did do a good job of it.

Then I went for lunch and came back at 2:15pm. When we came back we started looking at how the lighting system worked which was quite interesting and also looked a bit tricky to do. They started the lighting for the second scene, then we had to change the scene back to scene one afterwards. Both Hugh and I helped lighting by going on to stage and standing/walking where we were told to go.

We also had a look at the rope upstairs which holds the bars, backdrops, lights and other. They looked very heavy. I enjoyed the lighting part the most today.


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