Work Experience – Week Three

Wednesday (Hugh)

Third day was a bit more like you would expect work experience to be. Started off in marketing, wrote up an advert for Wuthering Heights for the website. I’m not sure if it will actually get used but still better than most work experience places. After lunch, I was back with David doing production. Not much to do, but I suppose you get days like that. Just extended a piece of wood by sawing another bit of wood and sticking it on the end, again for the amateur company. Then kind of wandered around the theatre trying to be helpful to anyone. Went up on the roof, which was fun. Then hoovered the wings of the stage and played with the lights in the studio. Not as fun as the other two days I suppose, but rather here than school.

Wednesday (India)

Today I was only here for two hours because of an exam that I had. In those hours I did marketing, which Hugh also did. We had to write and persuade the audience to come and watch the ‘Wuthering Heights’ show. We had to include information about the show, the cost of tickets, the dates of when it was open, images from the performance, information which the press had written. It was the only task that I helped in. We also had another three things to do. For our persuasion writing Hugh and I went around the theatre and took photos of the Bollywood images, costumes, posters, etc.


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