Work Experience – Week Three

Thursday (Hugh)

Started at 4:00 in the box office, I was supposed to be in marketing but there was a little timetable mix-up. Oh well. Learnt about how the bookings are made, the computer system used etc. Two customers came and bought tickets, and it took me a fairly long time to take their order, because I was not accustomed to the system. It was alright though. 5:30-6:30 I was on a break, so I cycled home, had something to eat, then came back to do ushering. The amateur company I had helped with set were putting on a performance. I stood at the doors of the auditorium took tickets and directed people to their seats. For the performance I went backstage, helped with props, scenery etc. In the break I helped move the flats at either side, and position the set for Act 2. In Act 2 I sat behind the lighting and sound desk, watching how they were controlled. It was quite interesting, and I got a free show out of it. All’s good really. I’m enjoying work experience, it’s been really helpful to what I want to do and it’s been really good finding out how a theatre works offstage.

Thursday (India)

Today we started at 4 pm. Hugh and I worked in the box office, learning how people can buy tickets different ways. There was a sequence of doing it but it was quite complicated at first. Hugh sold a few tickets to some people. I didn’t really want to have a go because I thought that I might annoy people too much if was really slow.

Then we had an hours break. We came back and met the director who manages the volunteer helpers; he ‘attached’ us to one of the volunteers. Before helping people to their seats the director gave us a fire and safety talk. I was with Joe who was really kind. We showed people to their seats before the performance had started. Then Hugh and I went backstage in the first half of the performance. I met and spoke to a few people from the cast. We helped with pulling the boat and other things. I also watched the performance from the side of the stage when we did not have anything to do.

In the break I helped with selling ice creams to the audience. Then both Hugh and I went to the back of the room downstairs, where the sound and lighting desk is and watched the performance and what he had to do. The performance looked a bit different at the side to the front. Today was one of my favourite days that I have had this week, I did enjoy it a lot.


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