Work Experience – Week Three

Friday (Hugh)

In the box office again, this time where I was supposed to be. Again, quite enjoyed it, served a few customers, put a few things on the computer and generally learned more about the booking system. After my lunch break had a kind of plenary with Hannah, just talked about how work experience was for me, asking if there was anything to improve. I then finished my synopsis of Wind in the Willows, had some cake and went home.

Work experience at Harrogate Theatre has been loads of fun. I’ve learnt loads about theatre and it’s really helped me in my career choice. A freelance actor is not the easiest profession, 95% are unemployed, but I think, with a bit of luck and the knowledge I’ve learnt, I can go far.

If you are considering a career in any aspect of theatre, I would recommend work experience at Harrogate Theatre; it really is a great choice.

Friday (India)

Today I did marketing after writing up my blog. There were the dates printed off for when ‘the big Chris Barbera band’ is on. I had to cut, and stick the prints on to posters. Then I went for a break. When I came back I wrote an evaluation for the weeks experience and spoke to Hannah about it too. Then in the last half an hour I carried on with marketing.

Overall, this week has been a very good work experience for me and I am glad I chose to come here. I have enjoyed meeting new people who are all very friendly; I got on well with some of them. The experience has made me gain a bit more confidence within myself towards others and helped me with things that are useful to some subjects that I do; media studies and English. I think yesterday was my favourite day that I have had this week; I also enjoyed marketing a lot and was interested in how the lighting desk works.


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