Work Experience – Week Four


On my first day I was really excited to get started. I asked for Hannah at the box office but there were a lot of noisy children in the way. David then spotted me and asked if I was Nicole, I said yes and Hannah came to collect me. Hannah showed me around the theatre and took me to all the different departments; she introduced me to various people who I would be working with during the week. I found it really interesting but in the back of my head was trying to remember where everything was so that I wouldn’t get lost. We then took the children to the studio for where they would be held later that night for their performance. We printed off some certificates to hand to the children on stage after their performance although we had to come into a different office as it wouldn’t all fit onto one page. Once the four were all printed we rolled them up tied a ribbon around them to make them look even more appealing. We then kept guiding the children to where they needed to be for the rest of the day. It was quite loud in the corridors where the children where as they were so exited! Bless them. I was then able to watch their performances and Lizzie and I kept taking them back to the auditorium and so on, I watched the various performances until half nine they were really good and made me see the magic of the theatre. I had a really good day and was looking forward to the next!


I was raring to go. I was working in the box office; it was fun but hard to get the hang of as each customer wanted different things. I answered some calls and also made one. I kept doing it wrong but hopefully I got the hang of it during the end. In the afternoon I was excited about working in production. David showed me around and told me how everything came together. He took me to the fly room and there were a lot of ropes all connected. During performances they had to be pulled in order for the poles attached in order to move. David let me feel the weight of them and they were so much heavier to what I imagined. I was then introduced to Martin who was in charge of lighting and sound. He showed me how to get different types that would help to make a performance even better. There was a load of different controls and they looked really confusing. He made it look easy! ‘Company’ came to rehearse. The choreographer told Martin how she wanted the lights etc. I then watched their rehearsal and witnessed how it all came together. The day went really fast which is a good sign! And it was time to leave. Yet another exciting day!


I was working with Rob, Kevin and Emma in the marketing department. I got given a load of envelopes and had to stick different addresses on each one. I thought I had finished but I had just run out of envelopes! Therefore I got handed some more. Once I had completed them I was told to put an advertisement in each one informing them about the “Hyena Comedy Club”. Everyone was really nice and made me laugh so much I cried. I had never laughed and cried before! In the afternoon I was working in the production department again. I came across Martin and we later watched the rehearsal ‘Peter Pan’ they were really cute and had no nerves to say they were so young! Another school was due to rehearse but they were still on a school trip therefore we absent, the choreographer told Martin what she wanted and he would have to fit it around the real thing when they performed later on.


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