Work Experience – Week Five

Day 1: In the morning I was given a tour around Harrogate Theatre by Hannah but I was already quite familiar because I was in the last panto which was Cinderella. So I did think I couldn’t learn anything else but to my surprise there was a lot I hadn’t seen before.  In the afternoon I spent my afternoon in marketing and had the very hard task of sticking letters on envelopes and then putting the letters inside and actually didn’t realise how long it would take but I did manage it even if I was quite boring, but I suppose it was a typical office job. I was so nervous about coming in but everybody was so friendly and made me feel like I had been there for ages.

Day 2: Today, I spent my morning in marketing again and finished preparing the letters. Then I spent my afternoon with production and help set Wuthering Heights and Maurice did show me all the lights which were very interesting. I was able to see all the problems that the production team got and realised that I could not put up with all that moaning, even though I probably moaned more than everyone put together. Maurice showed me all the different types of lights used in the productions.

Day 3: Today, I spent my whole day in production, I was able to watch an interview with the main cast and help with the lights which gave me a bigger knowledge of the whole stage but unfortunately missed the morning. I was able to see the fly floor but was too scared to stay up there for long because as I found out I am scared of heights. All the production team were friendly although Maurice did suggest that I carry a piano down to under the stage, so I wasn’t impressed but I think he realised that he had asked a girl to carry a massive piano and quickly told me that he would do it. After showing me all the lights yesterday, we now had to cut the colours for the lights for the next production but because of this I was able to see the amount of effort that was put in.

Day 4: I spent the afternoon in the box office, this was probably the hardest thing I had to do because I was very nervous using the ticket system but soon got the hang of it. Then I spent the evening front of house as an usher. I was able to watch the fantastic Bollywood performance of Wuthering Heights. At the interval I was able to do the hard task of selling ice-cream which made me giggle :). The entire usher’s were really nice to me and I enjoyed being in charge of the public, although to my sadness they were all very well behaved.

Day 5: Today was my last day 😦 but I spent it in communications and was able to enter databases and look through magazines to see if there were any pieces on Harrogate Theatre. I was then let for lunch early 🙂

Then I had my evaluation with Hannah and all my comments were very good 🙂


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