Work Experience – Week Seven



When we arrived, we were met by Hannah and she gave us a tour of the theatre which I found really interesting because I hadn’t been backstage before. After that, me and Alex were split up and while he was doing marketing, I was doing education with Hannah. I had to read though the play “Wind in the Willows” and write a props list and a synopsis for it. I found this quite easy as I have just finished doing it a school play. When I’d finished that, we discussed the features that you would include in a theatre programme. In the afternoon, I was doing mail outs with Kevin which involved preparing the brochures and letters to be sent off.


Luckily for me, today I was able to have a lie-in because I was working in the evening, helping out backstage for the production of “Blithe Spirit.” Before the play started, David told us about how it all worked backstage and he showed us some of the special effects that they use in the play. For part of the play I was sitting on the lighting and sound desk with Martin. It was really interesting to wear the cans and work out how it all worked. Then, for the last half of the play, me and Alex were backstage helping out with the special ghostly effect at the end of the play. The actress who played “Mrs Bradman” was very friendly and we had a chat with her about our work experience.


Again, today I was working in the evening, this time doing ushering. We met Ash and the ushers, who were all very friendly. Because the woman who usually tends the sweet shop hadn’t turned up, Ash asked me to do it instead. I had never used a till before, so I was a bit shaky at first but I soon got the hang of it. At the end, we cleared up the auditorium and then helped to tidy up the stage.


Today I was pleased to have the very agreeable working hours of 12 till 5. I really enjoyed working in the box office and I think I learnt a lot too. Kerry and Chris were really friendly and helpful, so by the end I was able to sell tickets and use the credit card PIN machine without too much difficulty. I did make an embarrassing scene when I opened a packet of pound coins and they flew everywhere! It was really interesting to find out how tickets are sold and I learned how to use the ticket-selling database.


Day 1:

In the morning I was given a tour of Harrogate theatre by Hannah. I was shown the backstage areas. I found this part of the tour very interesting. Hannah told me the history of the theatre. I didn’t know much about the theatre’s history so this was a great experience.

After the tour I worked in the marketing department, where I was given the job of putting letters and brochures into envelopes for members of the theatre. I did this for 2 hours and I was surprised how much work that I had done for 2 hours. I then went out for my lunch break which lasted for 1 hour.

I came back to the theatre where I worked for Hannah in the education department. She asked me to summarise the wind in the willows script. Once I completed this task I phoned members of the cast and told them the next costume fitting.

Day 2:

Today I started work at 6:00pm and I was given a more detailed tour (by David) of some of the backstage areas. I then sat at the lighting desk with Martin and he explained the different uses of lights in a production. For the 1st act of Blithe Spirit I sat with Martin and I listened to the cues from the stage manager for the different lights and sounds.

For the last act I helped David by pushing buttons which collapsed bookshelves on stage. I really enjoyed this job and I wish I could do it again.

Day 3:

I started work at 6:30pm where I was to do my ushering duty. I was greeted by Ash in the main entrance. She explained the role of an usher. Shortly after 3 more ushers joined us. We went into the main auditorium and Ash gave us a safety talk. Once the audience were allowed to enter the building I offered them programmes and I showed them to their seats. In the first interval I sold ice creams to audience members. I was nervous about doing this job in case I gave them the wrong change. But I hopefully didn’t.

Once the performance of Blithe Spirit had finished I thanked people for coming and I cleared any litter from the aisles. I really enjoyed this job and once I turn 17 I would like to volunteer as an Usher.

Day 4: Today I began my work at 12:00pm where I worked in the marketing department. I did a similar job to last time where I had to put letters into envelopes for members of the Hyena Comedy Club. I did this job until 2 o’clock where I had my lunch break with a few friends.

Once I came back I worked in the Box office. Kerry, who was in charge of selling tickets, showed me how to use the data base to sell tickets for future performances. I found this really difficult to understand at first, but once I did it a few times I felt really pleased that I could sell tickets. This job was really fun and I would really like to do it again!


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