Work Experience – Week Eight

Day one – Emily

I arrived and was met by Hannah and made friends with the other Work Experience girl.  We had a tour of the theatre and found out some history of it which was very exciting because we got to see things that an audience would never see, such as the dressing rooms and the wardrobe.  After that we went to meet the backstage crew and sorted out some wires for the lights which were interesting, I never realised it takes so much hard work just to put one light up!  In the afternoon we put some letters in envelopes to the Hyena Comedy Club members and then did some research on Alan Bennett, the writer of Wind in the Willows.  Shortly after we went down to the backstage lot and actually put the lights up and made sure they shone in the correct place.  This takes a very long time because every light is different but it was very interesting, we then put a screen up for a comedian that was coming that night.

Day one – Sarah

So, today is day one. It all started with a bit of a tour of the theatre built in early 1900’s (first fact of the day). We took a look at the many different departments to get a general look at what happens in each of them. After a tour of the theatre and a bit of brain cramming for the many codes of many different doors. We made our way to the stage where we took a look at the different lights and what they’re used for. Me being me I was asking many questions to find out as much as I could about the stage and lighting. However, I do feel I put the guys under a bit of pressure to give me all the answers I wanted, forgive me.

After lunch we ran some errands which involved sealing envelopes and taking posters down to the international centre. This was really just to fill some free time and I suppose theatre can’t all be glamorous even if it does always look that way on stage. Emily and I created a fact file on Alan Bennett the writer of the play ‘The wind in the willows’ the play will soon be shown by Harrogate Theatre so we put together a bit of information about him.

We spent most of the afternoon with the Lighting and Stage technicians focusing lights and we soon got onto the topic of stage and theatre superstitions. As a superstitious type of girl I found it very interesting. Did you know you’re not supposed to say the last line of the panto before the first night? I didn’t have a clue. However, as the conversation went on we began talking more and more about superstition and I believe after a while they were perhaps having us on a bit.

I thoroughly enjoyed my first day ‘working’ at the theatre and I really liked the relaxed atmosphere. Can’t wait for tomorrow! 🙂


One response to “Work Experience – Week Eight

  1. Sarah’s blog is to a very high standard – she really goes into detail about what she’s learning about at the theatre. It sort of makes me a bit jealous. Good luck with the rest, and good luck to you too Emily. x

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