Halloween Rehearsals 3

Today we went through the stories in our groups reading them out loud and adding different things for each story playing around with the words and working on chorus work. We added sounds effects we thought would be good, repeated interesting words and whispered the first and last words in each sentence. This helped to see what would work and what wouldn’t.
Then we split into our groups and worked on our pieces. Me and the other self named ‘tour guides’ tried to plan out a structure of bits of stories and things to say and do when we were leading the groups. There was a rather scary gas mask lurking around which me of Dan aren’t planning on using but we have a couple of ideas 😀 It’s going to be a spooky night haha.


Well, following on from last week we did our traditional warm ups which were even more fun than usual for some reason. Maybe because everybody was really up for it this week 🙂 Then we sang happy birthday to Josh, who has reached the grand old age of fourteen today. We all got out our scripts then, (those of us who had remembered to bring them) and read them out in different ways, one group as if they were sharing gossip, while everybody else did sound effects, one group as if they were embarassed about saying it, while everybody else picked out words they liked and gently repeated them, and another group sang theirs to the tune of “When The Saints” while everbody else whispered the first and last word on every line.
The idea of this was to create different atmospheres and experiment with different ways of saying things to make them spooky in preparation for our Halloween show. After Hannah gave us a little talk, we split off into groups and worked on each scene we had been given. I’m in the group guiding the audience round so I would have been discussing ideas with my partner Zoë but she was ill 😦 but it’s all cool because we talk socially anyway out of HYT so I’ll just talk to her about it then. I kind of helped out other people with their ideas and played with the gas mask brought in by Lucy, who’s helping Hannah. That gas mask was scary. A lick of black and silver spray paint and it’ll be terrifying litle kids in no time. HYT has become the high point of my week, I think.
I’ve got some more ideas for the characters me and the lovely Zoë are playing. My character’s an undertaker from London, and I’m contemplating having a noose hung around his neck as if he’s been recently hanged… Either way Halloween’s going to be a fun night 🙂



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