Halloween Rehearsals 4

The last workshop time for rehearsal before the show oooh.. so we started off with a little bit of breathing excersizes to warm the vocals as you do. We sang songs about how much we love to eat apples and bannanas but then to balance out the diet had a nice chewy lump of toffee and then some top bananas..sounds to me like Hannah’s trying for a healthy eating campaign with subliminal messages lol or not. Anyhow then we split into our groupies again and worked on our master pieces. Dan wasn’t there so I had to use my own imagination, I’m not the scariest of people but I tried to think of a couple of things, we’re thinking probably mostly improvise on the night though depending on how the audiences react and such. And some of the time will be filling with our beautiful singing with our renditions of ‘when the saints go marching in,’ ‘oranges and lemons,’ and ‘London bridge is falling down.’ Rather a good idea if I do say so myself as a usage of noise without speakers to creep the audience. And if they can’t sing in tune..even better haha 🙂 We had a few bits of props and costume today to work with too which meant alot of balloons being popped (ouch my ears)
I’m planning on looking slightly witchy and used the event to get a new dress out of my mum haha 🙂 I wanted it anyway but she wouldn’t buy me it otherwise. Yeah so I think it’s going to be really good, I say that every week but I think it shall 🙂 I don’t want to make anyone cry too much haha but you can guarantee there’ll be a teenybopper trying to be all brave haha 🙂 We’ll have to wrap up fairly warm it will probs be a chilly chilly night. Before I leave .. Hugh my blog is longer than yours AND I beat you haha and this was a fairly late entry for me haha.
L-Bizzle reporting for the H-Wizzle (aka lizzy-halloween)


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