Halloween Rehearsal 5

Okay, I forgot to do one last time so Lizzy double beats me at blogging. But I’m hoping she’ll forget this time because this was our half term rehearsal! (oooh, commitment) We were using this time to have a quick sneak peek of what is provided by the theatre for our costumes 🙂 I have a top hat to balance on my head and a jacket. Also, for makeup I’m going to be all gaunt and sinister undertaker man 🙂 Aidan has a massive cloak which is cool but I’m not sure if he’s wearing it…  After this we all went down to the Valley Gardens to have a look at where we would be performing and letting the guides fill in the gaps between scenes. Me and Zoe are just improvising it though, so it’s all cool 🙂 The different groups rehearsed their bits (George’s group didn’t show up though 😦 while the guides walked round making up scary things for little kids. We pretty much did this for the whole time we were there but it was pretty fun 🙂 Then we watched Matilda and Jim’s groups perform. They were good, but I didn’t expect the water pistols. Afterwards we had ice cream 🙂 It was nice 🙂



Oh Hugh how wrong you are .. this is The Lizzy you’re talking about, I don’t have alzheimers yet 🙂 a sneaky non timetabled unofficial rehersal isn’t going to catch me out 🙂
I’m glad you wrote one before me though I was hoping someone would otherwise I would look silly with 2 blogs in a row lol.
Anyway back to Halloween…the penultimate rehersal, we met at the theatre at 11.00am (I was very tired) and we went to costume to see which extra clothes we need. I am going to wear a black dress with a long black cardigan and black wellies and black netted gloves, I can’t decide weather to wear stripey tights or just plain leggings, don’t want to look too cliche lol. Haha me and Amy wandered down the costume corridor to reminisce and got scared by the HUGE Gruffalo poster in the last dressing room haha we laughed, and then we danced to Sclub 7 classic ‘don’t stop’. When we were all ready we mooched down to the Valley Gardens with the high viz jackets and crossing the roads with the green man 🙂 When we got there we had a little walk around of how the evening would plan out and then split in our groups to practice. But no-one from the George group were there 😮 and I didn’t have Dan but hopefully he’ll be able to fill in the gaps I have, which reminds me I need to write out which bits I’m saying when so it’s all in my head 🙂 The stories all look rather good, when we’re in costume and it’s dark-splendid! I’m glad it didn’t rain and hopefully, everything crossed the crazy wind and rainness will hold off until Sunday brrrr.  After rehersal we went to buy some apple flavour ice cream (it was interesting) and to see ‘Up’ but it was sold out 😦 who reads these blogs?? Come to the Valley Gardens and you can see the master piece.



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