Halloween – The Performance!

It’s show timmeee!
Happy Halloween.
We went to the theatre for 3.30 and got all spooked up with white face paint and dark eyes and some bits of nasty fake blood (which was a bargin at 30p) then we did some warm ups before we went down to the Valley Gardens. I decided to go for the stripy tights in the end. We got a few double takes on the way down, it’s always amusing and we used lots of talcam powder to make our hair all grey and clothes shabby.
We had a bit of a run through/dress rehersal for the parents and everyone looked rather scary. Then we had a little ‘tea’ break at about 5 where me and Zoe went on an interesting adventure because the toilets had closed 😦 I’ll spare you the details.

The audience started to arrive in their costumes and getup from about 5.30 onwards. It all worked really well, so much easier with the audience to work with and respond too. I liked how they mostly all joined in and got into it all. Making the small children jump makes me laugh, we even managed to make a dog cry haha that’s a new one. It was really fun, I think everyone did a great job.  Lucy did a really good job of filling in on the George story at short notice. I think all the stories worked well. It was quite tiring though and that was only from 4 runs haha, was a busy day, worth it though 🙂 Ooh the chav who tried to steal the balloon – he was hard core, not, there’s always one haha. I think everyone enjoyed it, the audience, actors and volenteers AND it didn’t rain 🙂 always a good thing, it wasn’t as cold as I thought it was going to be either. There was definitely more people there than last year. I’m quite tired now though. Walked home and I’m planning on watching a scary film – see what’s on. Now onto another play. Yey for drama.

Last night was great 🙂 yayyyy! We started off at the theatre to do costume and makeup, and we all looked really scary 🙂 white base so we looked all pale and horrible, then pretty much dab on what you like. I only used black to make myself look gaunt and scary, but we had scars, drippping blood, green eyes going – it were all good. Costume was mostly what we brought ourselves, I got fake blood on my shirt. The only white shirt I have is Jack Wills so my parents weren’t pleased when I got back haha. We had witches, vampires, undertakers, Sir Eric and generally scary stuff of all sorts. We did our usual warmups. I like to eat apples and bananas, stack your vertibrae, punch the parrot etc. 🙂 Walked down to the Valley Gardens with everything we needed to put on a mock performance for any family of the cast that showed up. On the first walk every idea I had come up with previously just disappeared from my mind. Nerves kicked in, I think. We got to the story of George and I was very surprised when James appeared from the foliage on the floor – a very unexpected entrance. Oranges and Lemons was sung and George’s house fell down. We moved on, the guides spewing out any amusing or otherwise thoughts that came to mind, past where we did Wind In The Willows (aah, the memories) and found Matilda burning because she lied about a fire in the house. After shepherding the audience to Jim and his ghostly zookeeper (Jim gets eaten by a lion because he ran away from his nurse in a zoo) we wandered off and complained about how hungry we were etc.
We waited around a bit for everything to get set up and for Henshaws to sort out things, then each group went to their performance positions and the guides readied themselvses for the leading. I think it was Lizzy and Aidan who took the first group, then Amy and Dan, then me and Zoë, then Serena and Rosie. We watched the introduction for each pair of guides, who then moved off with their crowd, staying in character. Me and Zoë started off with a short opening, introducing the nights’ stories and getting the audience into the mood. There was a lot more people than I expected and we had a hard job shepherding them all to each story. Let alone racking our brains for things to say. I was pretty nervous and I knew my projection was suffering for it. I also got reminded to speak up once or twice later… Apart from an especially slow audience, there were no major mishaps, and I began to get into it by the end 🙂 Zoë was energetic and bouncy all the way through and if there were less people in between us I would’ve enjoyed watching 🙂 Second tour and I really got into it, belting out everything I said, bouncing off the audience, it was really fun 🙂 Me and Zoë didn’t see each other much because one was always at the front while the other was at the back, but everything was happy and fun. I might have scared a few little kids though… Third and final tour and our audiences had diminished to just eight people. When we got George’s group, there were some kids nearby playing with some fireworks. The ineptitude of their handling of the explosives made everyone a bit nervous. I thought it dangerous to stay so close, so I surruptitiously had a few words with the Henshaws’ representative, who went over with his big flashlight looking official. The troublesome teens made a speedy departure when a policewoman showed up. It felt like a victory 🙂
So, we finished our Halloween performance 🙂 It was all fun and games, with a fair amount of acting mixed in 🙂 What more do you want? Harrogate Youth Theatre is awesome 🙂 I love it 🙂 Here’s to the next HYT project! 🙂 yayy 🙂



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