Day three in the Big Harrogate Theatre House

By Tim Stedman

Spent the morning dividing up the singing.  Who sings what, where and when.  The ladies of the company sound amazing singing their number together.  James (Emperor) and Gordon (Widow Twankey) also have a potential showstopper with their duet masterfully arranged by Nick Lacey, our Musical Director.

In the afternoon we sat about paying due homage to this classical drama with more rehearsal.  Wishee Washee’s relationship with Aladdin and Widow Twankey is going to be one of the keys to the way he comes across and indeed the whole family.  It might be as read but audiences, if they don’t see it at least feel – even in the midst of a tirade – whether we still dote on each other.  Having working with Lara before that brother/sister rivalry and banter is huge and creates (I hope) a natural chemistry as brothers on stage.

First rehearsal with Gordon (Widow Twankey) went well.  He’s full of energy, confidence and generosity.  We made fast choices and fell headlong into a double act.  At this stage whether it is the right double act doesn’t matter.  What is wonderful is energy and creativeness and he has bags of it.


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