Day 12 in the Big Harrogate Theatre

As we continue to stumble through Act 2 fighting for word, move and motivation, it’s easy to forget the world is not revolving around me and my inability to master a dance step.

As I write this in the Green Room at 8am I can hear gentle Chinese music floating through the walls of the theatre.  Nick Lacy, our Musical Director, (GENIUS) sits creating amongst keyboards, cables and microphones like Doc out of Back to the Future.  Upstairs in wardrobe I can hear the footsteps of Nicola and her team furtively busying away at costumes like the borrowers surrounded by oversized frocks and hats.

Sonja and Lisa have been in since 7.30am cleaning up after audience and actor.  They chirpily hoover around me asking “how’s it going then?”

Our Deputy Stage Manager Katie arrives laden with biscuits, milk and good sense.  You can judge most things in rehearsals by the face of the DSM.  This facial barometer sits next to the director at the front throughout rehearsals clutching at the master script recording every word and move.  The communication hub – this lady knows if I said my line right, if I’m stood in the right place, if I got a laugh when I last said the line.  If Katie laughs it’s a good sign, if Katie smiles we actors are happy and if you can’t see her face… look a little lower and you’ll find it resting sobbing in the script.

DSMs like cuts in the script, don’t like props, enjoy pace to a scene and hates the actor who milks his pause… Like a demi god she controls time; disciplines my tea break.  To all she is the boss. I should know, I married one.


3 responses to “Day 12 in the Big Harrogate Theatre

  1. I think you should spend more time learning your lines instead of blogging – it caused great amusement – john wants to know who the two yummy looking birds are?

  2. He wont have noticed the ‘yummy birds’ (re rosie day 12) too busy flirting with the wall (day 13)

  3. Yes I am a demi god!!! Well done husband for getting me a mention and for describing the unsung heroes of theatre so well. I’m really enjoying your blog but should I be jealous of this mysterious wall?

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