Day 13 in the big Harrogate Theatre

We’ve done it! In front of a packed table we started at the beginning and fell to the end of the play.  Our freefall was no subtle, graceful or focused.  But we got to the final page.

I was especially pleased with myself for not needing the text.  Sure, there was the odd prompt or 12 but the relief walking home afterwards!

Tom and I have been working on our fight scene.  Though my role in the “fisticuffs” is limited, I ripped one pair of cargo trousers on Monday and a pair of boxers on Tuesday.  I was a little nervous about Wednesday.

Our dancing is improving.  The rehearsal room is quite tight so when all 8 of us are in a chorus line only 7 of use can be seen as a protruding wall juts out in front of the 8th cast member – me.  So I dance with my face 2 inches from an artexed wall.  This may only appear marginally more funny than my dancing, but my wall is becoming something of a partner and I shall miss her uncritical eye and her abrasive touch…


One response to “Day 13 in the big Harrogate Theatre

  1. Hi uncle Tim, can’t wait to see you all dressed up and in make up!! hee hee

    Love, Kate Kate

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