Day 17 in the Big Harrogate Theatre

By Tim Stedman

Technical rehearsals started off pretty slowly and then ground to a halt.  Though dull for the actor it’s a great time to play and consolidate.  Whilst technical crew simultaneously flying in a cloth, moving set and scenery resetting a prop and assisting a quick change – I’ve discovered the genius of knocking my knees together.  How the crew must quake in awe of my creativity.

However I’m working with some talent.  As we wait to do the scene again and again I’ve time to listen to Gordon (Dame Widow Twankey) and Jim (Emperor of China) as they name drop with the great, good and famous that they’ve worked with and for.

The ideas and stories that come spilling out trigger further ideas and moments most of which get discarded, logged for another day but one or two which maybe we can use.

I have few stories to compare and fewer names to drop.  But I can say after rehearsals I went to the local Chinese restaurant with a Dame and the Emperor of China.


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