Day 18 in the big Harrogate Theatre

By Tim Stedman

How do you learn your lines? The most commonly asked question for an actor after – what kind of acting do you do? (for which read have you been on the telly) and have you been on the telly? (meaning have you been on the telly).

My answer has always been fear. For some money motivates; many write out their lines or record and replay while some are blessed with a photographic memory.  But for me nothing motivates more than mass public humiliation.  Opening night, entrance music, my cue – you skip down the rake of that stage, the lights dancing up your body as you briefly find focus on the 500 public, press and critics glaring: “entertain me”.  150 head lights smack me in the face and the music dies.  I’m blind, deaf… Tim speak! Say your line! You try to engage the correct muscles whilst fully aware that others are busy letting go and then as if from nowhere…

So we’re nervous. But it’ll be alright on the… … on the… … …PROMPT!!!


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