Day 19 in the Big Harrogate Theatre

We’re up! Everybody has a smile back on their face.  Wardrobe, sound, lights, stage management have had a tough production week and looked tired and relieved.  Front of house departments listened out for feedback as the audience departed and discovered many booking for next year.

It was great to run it in front of an audience but it is work in progress.  Exasperated with my own ineptitude over jokes, plots, lines I should cut, timings, pace, energy and pauses.  From entrances to exits, lines that are feed or punch, I felt misled over missed opportunities, making obvious choices rather than dangerous and braver decisions.  In my head I felt so much frustration for things to be different.

And so I emerged from the dressing room after the performance into the bar and this party atmosphere.  My parents had driven up from the south; there were kids excitedly collecting autographs and their parents thanking us all for a wonderful evening; friends of the cast and crew saying, “How is it always so good?!”  Even theatre staff: “I was crying with laughter”, “…we loved it…” etc.

So what do I know? I thought.  Maybe I’m wrong. 10 years in Harrogate pantomime, what experience have I gleaned?  But after a pint or two of orange juice and watching everybody’s joy and happiness and a phone call to the wife – I realised I’m right, I just care!  It’s a truly traditional pantomime – we don’t do blue, we don’t offend.  If you’re 4 or 94 you will both laugh and share the experience that is live and fascinating theatre.  And I love it.


4 responses to “Day 19 in the Big Harrogate Theatre

  1. Hey Tim,
    Is this a new thing you’re doing? not seen it before. Am surprised you get the time!
    As every year, I promise to come and see the panto. Not that I need to see it to know you’ll be brilliant. Good Luck & hope to see you soon.
    Ruth x

  2. Hello, Silly Billy!! Glad to see you are keeping Harrogate entertained again this year. Have a wonderful run, try not to get your teeth knocked out and say hello to the genius that is Mr Lacey.

    Love Sophie (one of those dsm’s !!)x

  3. Tim Tim Tim Tim Tim! I came to see Panto on tues, i was in the front row stage left (i know my stuff lol) and you picked out a guy called Jules on the other end of the row 😛 hahaa, oh my God, panto this yer is brilliantttttt XD yay, well done for being amazing! Me and my friend were saying after (we’ve been to see it every year) how weird it would be not having the greatness of Stedman as Silly Billy. You really really carry the show and you’re part of my childhood haha 😀 I just wanted to say how good i thought it was 🙂 Also! i have a story to tell! (yay) afterwards, i was waiting with my friend to be picked up, and we were stood there, all cold.. A guy in mostly black clothes with a big bag on walked out. The basic look of an actor walking out of a show. Then we looked a bit closer and saw the beard. I shouted “Abanazer!!!” and ran up to him and hugged him. If he doesnt remember me try “crazy stalker panda hat boy in a blue hoodie” Anyway, I told him how great he was and stuff and he recognised me cus all the way through i was grinning up at him in the front row and he was like “don’t you just love me”. I know Lizzy by the way as well, “PC Top” 🙂 haha, anyway… Basically very very well done and thank you so much for doing what you do 😀 I’m coming back to see it Christmas eve, front row of the balcony 🙂 HO HO!!!! Tim rocks.
    Hugh 😀 x

  4. Just wanted to say well done on another wonderful performance in panto at Harrogate.
    I was the Adrian you “chose” – but still had a great night.
    Keep it up and I hope we will be seeing you for years to come.


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