HYT visit York…

On Friday 23 April it was the launch of the National Association of Youth Theatre’s (NAYT) Regional Associate Venue for Yorkshire at York Theatre Royal. Hannah, our Education Workshop Leader, was invited to the launch along with Aimee, one of our freelance practitioners, and two members of HYT, Grace and Hugh.
NAYT’s mission is to make a positive difference to young people’s lives by supporting their participation in, and access to excellent youth theatre. The creation of Regional Associate Venues will mean that youth theatre members and workshop leaders will have greater access to training and performance opportunities.

Here’s Hugh and Grace’s report from the launch…

We arrived at York Theatre Royal (Hugh rather happy that he’d missed the last lesson at school) with no idea what we were doing there, sporting our new HYT hoodies. They looked pretty amazing and no one else had hoodies. Starting the afternoon with some classic youth theatre games, while attempting to learn other people’s names, we found that the afternoon was simply to find out what we wanted from a regional youth theatre festival. Everything from food to workshops was questioned as we were offered party rings and a selection of marshmallows at each themed tent. We had a charming guide called Reece – a York Youth Theatre member who showed us to each tent. We found that we had a lot to talk about at the performance tent, including reminiscing about past HYT shows (Moonfleece, Wind in the Willows and not forgetting East End Tales). The feedback from each area was then given and we found that a lot of other youth theatre members had the same ideas. We then waddled off to find some food before watching the evening performance of The Seagull. After watching the performance we had a nice chat about it in our free taxi home (thanks Hannah). We decided that The Seagull was very much like real life, but that real life does not necessarily make interesting theatre.

HYT rocks. Hannah rocks.

Grace and Hugh rock.


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