Six Week Placement

This week Declan, a university student, joined us for a six week placement. He started by doing our carousel programme where he spent time with each department. In future weeks he will work intensively with Production and Marketing. Here’s his blog from week one…

Monday 10th – Friday 14th May

The first week of the 6 week placement (a rare length of time for the theatre) has gone by surprisingly quickly in my view. It seems to have taken no time at all to reach Friday.

Monday began the week at 10 a.m. with Hannah for the basic induction to the Theatre and finding my way around the building. It’s a lot larger than it looks on the outside of the building and there are plenty of rooms to get lost in if you don’t know your way.

Following this the rest of my day was taken up by work with the production team in and around the stage. Due to the show being set up for having a surprisingly small set the workload for the day was considerably small and the majority of the work had been done before I had even arrived to help. However the production team was very pleasant I was put to work on any task that was available, and the tedious projector took up a lot of time anyway to make perfect. Following lunch the rest of the day was taken up with setting up the safety harness that was to be used in the production for a hanging scene that was to take place in the show. For safety reasons it eliminated a significant amount of the afternoon testing it on the actor who was to wear it to make sure it was comfortable and more importantly secure and reliable.

By finishing time at 5 p.m. everything that could be done was done.

Tuesday started off in the afternoon at 1.30 p.m. in the Box Office with Kerry where she and the other staff introduced me to the ticket system and following a few slowly taken sales I began to get the hang of the procedure and fly solo. Though custom was slow which was rare according to the other Box Office staff, the staff itself were very fun and the banter between everyone helped to pass the time and before I knew it, it was lunch.

On returning, the rest of the evening was taken up with Hannah doing education with her youth drama classes that she does with students after school hours have passed. I observed as she taught vocal training and fun improvisational activities to 2 different classes of students who were very eager to take part.

An 8.30 finish for me and the last class of students saw the end of another very interesting working day.

Rescheduling my Wednesday evening work for front of house to the following week gave me the day off on the Wednesday which was a nice surprise. However it was back to work for an 11 a.m. start on the Thursday with Rob in Marketing.

The task for the day could not have been simpler for me, preparing the outgoing mail/leaflets that were to be sent out to all the patrons of the theatre, the majority of which was simply filling envelopes with all the leaflets of upcoming shows to attract more people to come to the theatre more often. A dauntingly long process yes but the chat going on around me passed the time and the work did in truth give me plenty to do even when not very complicated and hardly challenging. Sometimes trouble-free work can be a good thing.

Following that jobs eventual completion after my break, I was asked to set up the 60 or so seats to be used in the studio for the choir to use later in the evening and set out all the name cards for everyone, etc so everything was prepared for their arrival.

By the end of this another day was done and once again in much quicker time than I had anticipated at 5 p.m.

The final day of the week started off with another 10 a.m. start alongside Hannah on education however this time doing a much more computer based job than observing youth drama. After lunch I spent the rest of the day once again working with Rob in Marketing. I was given the task of doing market research of local companies that specifically work with the deaf and blind community in order to find if they provide information useful to these people, for example, offering information on entertainment from companies such as Harrogate Theatre that specifically caters for their particular needs.

As well as this I was to find possible companies that would be able to distribute information stating the services that the theatre has through leaflets available for distribution.

After completing my research I looked over my findings and attempted to contact some of the organizations but to no avail unfortunately. However I found the info needed and presented it before I finished for the day and thus completed my first of the 6 weeks.


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